The features that make Bonus Bunnies one of the most impressive slots is the beautiful color background and funky wild symbols which are basically the crops. Vegas Paradise is one of the sources by which you can avail this game for yourself. 

Basic features

The Bonus Bunnies might remind the players about the Fat Rabbit due to the similarities between them. One of those similarities is the way the rabbit moves in the field. This slot consists of a white bunny which keeps moving in the field, running behind the carrots. The symbols in this game are all vegetables, ranging from onion, tomatoes, peas, aubergine, etc. 

The game case has a payline of 30 which makes possible only the combinations of 3 or 4. The combination with 4 is found to pay out more as compared to 3. You get 3 spins when you start playing and in case you get lucky to strike on one of the three chances then you get 3 more spins. Bets up to 35x could be achieved in this game and the multipliers could add even 90x bets to it. 

The background features the beautiful scenery of a farm. The light, funny characters, as well as the mild banjo filled soundtrack, adds more weight to this game. 

Special features

This game offers various multipliers which could increase your winning score. A Gardner plays a role of bringing in extra rows for symbol space as well as adding more space for planting carrots. Same way, there is also a character of a girl who is supposed to add multipliers. The multipliers are added to all the carrots on the reel and the value ranges as high as up to 5x. 

Bonus Features

Bonus + Wild expansion and Carrot Link Spins are the bonus features offered by Bonus Bunnies.

A kind of scatter symbol appears on the screen, which turns the entire reel into wild frenzy as the bunny hops in the field and eats everything around. 

The carrot link spin is basically about giving 3 spin chances to the players when they get the respective symbol on their screens. Extra carrots, fertilizers, settlers, harvesters, etc. (all of them adds multipliers) are the benefits of this bonus. 

There is also a ‘key’ for the treasure chest which acts as a bonus and could provide 3x, 4x or even 5x multiplier to the total win. 


Bonus Bunnies is the kind of slot game which could be thoroughly enjoyed by the fun-loving players. This game maintains a light mood along with maintaining constant excitement throughout the game. 

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