Don’t get carried away by seeing the word ‘Wild’ in Born Wild. There is nothing wild or west here and it’s a simple, straight slot with some animals and their roars and sounds. So, plug in your dolby sound or any hi-res headphones and start rolling this variety slot game of Born Wild. 

Beware! Once you begin, you can’t stop it in the middle, cause it’s that good! 

Start Rolling the Dice

So, what you see here is something simple and elegant with a lot of black and gray tones. You can’t expect much from this layout, but what you see is what you get. There is nothing superficial about this saying. Born Wild has this scratch card kind of a symbol layout and that’s what makes the game pretty exciting. You don’t get to see a lot of scratch card kind of slot games nowadays. So, get inside here and try to spin all the roars and grrs of Born Wild. 

Roll the Symbols and Know their Values

So, let’s see what all symbols are here at Born Wild and how you can easily activate rewards with these. So, there are some lows, highs and special symbols here and you get animal sounds like roars and grrs as the lows and wild animals for the highs. There are some special symbols too to knock down those very special extra symbols. Since the layout is super simple to navigate, you can’t get lost anywhere and at every turn you will have some guiding fairies to help you roll and move. 

Features and Extras

Do you know how free spin works in a scratch card game? You just need to land their bear symbols in a combination and the win will happen instantly. Like there is nothing else you have to do here to win. Now coming to the respins, try to land the lion symbols and that’s also sorted. 

Last Remarks

Born Wild is born for the wild and not for the wild west. If you can spin this game in one single sitting, the win will also come in one sitting. Therefore, don’t hesitate further and start the spins. 

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