A 600 coin 5-reel slot machine, Bridezilla has the following enhancements, 243 constantly open payways, extra games and symbols that can be wild and scattered
To win you have to first engage the reels, and then manage to match a winning symbol string on the payline. The amount you are liable to win depends on the preset combination value.

How to play

Win is used to display how many coins you have won.
+ and – keys are used to choose the size of the coin for betting.
Coins field is used to modify the betting amount expressed in coins.
Bet Max is used to set the betting amount to maximum automatically.
Spin is used to spin the reels.
You can’t unselect any of the pay ways. Every bet made gets a X30 multiplier by default.
How many coins you decide to play determines how much you stand to win. All possible combination payout properties are displayed in payout tables.
Regular wins get counted through multiplying the sum of coins wagered against the coin amount won.
Coin size X the tally of wagered coins = the sum in credits won.
If you encounter more than a single winning string using different symbols per pay way, you get paid for each valid formation. If more combinations using the exact same logo happen upon a payline – only the biggest combo in terms of value counts.
Winning symbol strings across numerous pay ways each pay as well.
For regular winning combos to occur the constituent symbols have to form a string across consecutive reels. Regular combos pay left-right, and they must always start from the first reel. Else they don’t count.
Scatter winning X the full size of the regular coins wager = scatter wins sum. Which then gets added onto the regular winnings balance. A regular win does not preclude a scatter win. They can happen during the same spin, and they’ll both pay.
Three scatter symbols have to show up across the reels to form a scatter combo. The substituting symbol doesn’t work in the case of the scatter logo.



This symbol is used to replace all others, but for the scattered one. It cannot form a winning string by itself.


This symbol can appear anyway on the reels and if there are 3+ of them, a winning string is formed, which activated the bonus mode- bridezilla. This is the only symbol that cannot be replaced.


If there are three symbols of bells, this feature is activated which enables extra spins, the number of which correlates to the number of logos used in the activation of the bonus mode.
As much as X10 can be won for multiplier purposes.
If a free spin yields no win, this mode can be granted at random.
When bridezilla shows up, she interacts with the following symbols granting additional awards: car and bouqet give a X1 multiplier per each symbol appearance. Cake is worth a X2. Church enhances the bridezilla multiplier number by X1 all the way up to X10. Groom gifts an additional spin. Bride is a substituting multiplier symbol. Any wins made with bride substituting are modified by the achieved bridezilla multiplier number.
The Total Bet Amount is multiplied using the accumulated modifier values.
The lines and bet values used in the triggering game still apply.

Game rules

Every single one of the 243 available pay ways remains permanently open.
A X30 multiplier is used for every spin.
As many as 20 coins may be played per spin.
Total Bet Amount = amount of coins bet X bet modifier.
Winning scatter combos may be formed anywhere across the reels.
System failure voids all winnings and games.

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