Bunny Boiler Gold


This is a board game that can bring an instant win to the player. All he has to do is move across the board in Bunny Boiler Gold, in order to win the credits by landing on certain symbols. A player receives a payout from the highest winning combo per card.

How to Play

+ and – keys are used to adjust the bet amount, i.e. the amount of credits that a player wishes to stake.
A new car key shows a new card.
A player uses a roll dice key to roll the dice up to 6 times maximum.
A player receives the payout when he finishes all 6 rolls, or if he does not survive the death symbol. This payout is directly linked to the last prize a player has won.



If a player lands on the symbol of the carrot, he is allowed to roll the die again, provided he hasn’t reached the upper limit for rolling the dice.


Landing on the symbol of death has two outcomes: 1. a player survives and gets a chance to roll the die again and 2. A player does not survive, i.e. loses the game. In case of the scenario 2, the player gets the last winning that he has passed on the board.

Golden Carrot

Landing on this symbol brings the player an opportunity to spin the jackpot wheel and win the prize, provided that he hasn’t reached the upper limit for dice rolling.


This symbol brings an opportunity to jump on the next field that is the same colour, provided that a player hasn’t reached the upper limit for dice rolling.


Landing or passing along this symbol means receiving the prize that is on the board.

Game Rules

A player is not allowed to bet on two, three etc. cards at the same time.
The amount he wins is directly linked to the last prize he has won.
A player receives the payout from just one winning string. In case there are two or more of these, then he receives the payout that is the highest.
The payouts that a player receives are presented in credits.
If there are technical problems with the system, then all the payouts and games are cancelled.

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