Buster’s Bones is not a classy old slot game that can do pretty much anything. It’s a slot game with a dog themed layout and lots and lots of bones scattered here and there. With this, you can get to see a lot of scatters as well. So, ready for some fetch boy ? If you are, spin Buster’s Bones with all your power! 

All the New Buster’s Bones

Everything is fresh and new at Buster’s Bones and that’s why that new smell is emitting from the game’s turf. Right of the pack, you can see a wild west kind of a setup with cactuses and canyons all around the turf. This will be your primary spinning point. In terms of the animations, they are also pretty neat and wondrous. They don’t make any unwanted problems over you while you spin. The animations play it well before you spin and make everything tucked in. Then comes the symbols of Buster’s Bones and they are a lot in terms of their values. The symbols of Buster’s Bones are divided into two sets. The low paying playing cards like hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades and the highs which will be dogs over a wooden frame of some sort. In terms of winning, you can get anything from 1x to infinite with these symbols. That’s the power of Buster’s Bones. In addition to these two sets, you also get to see wilds and scatters also from Buster’s Bones. These are for your final bonus spins. Once you spin these, you won’t come back to any other basic ones. So, let’s head there. The bonus avalanche starts with some avalanche functions as well as some cluster payoffs. Then comes some free spins attached with your scatters and also some bonus buys. In order to get all these, you need to maintain your spins and roll them according to your betting options. Even though you can control your spins, you can control the way you spin. So, do this and make some of the best and luckiest spins that you can ever make for an online slot game. Ready for some bone hunting here with Buster’s Bones? Follow the guide and spin wisely! 

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