Are you looking for something celestial to roll? Then Cairo Link&Win is the game to go forward to. Here, there will be thousands of attractions not limited to Egypt and a lot of bonuses and sparkling Cairo surprises as well. Don’t get too excited now, cause there are a lot more things coming your way. So, spread your hands and catch as much as you can. 

Cairo Link&Win and it’s Rolls

You might have seen slots of Egypt but you haven’t seen a slot made completely out of Cairo. This one is called Cairo Link&Win. Here, the gamers get to see large Cairo structures and sandstone boundaries. With this as the central background, the symbol tray rests in front of it and makes some super awesome rewards. Cairo Link&Win’s animations as well as running effects are also quite neat and soundly made. Since the layout is super simple to tackle, winning isn’t a tough act at all. Just get inside the layout and press the spin icon. That’s all is needed here. 

Now, let’s see what all are the symbols here at this Cairo slot game. The central symbols that can fetch you some good will be the scarab icons, the cleopatra icon, The Ra God and the cat and dog. Apart from these, there will be some A to J playing cards as low icons too. Mapping down these icons and spinning to win is not at all a problem or a type of complication here. At your own pace, just roll the dice and spin the reels. 

For your wins, there will be lots and lots of free spins, link and win features, wild multipliers and even some jackpots for that extra juice. For all this to get triggered, you need to learn the basic icons as well as the high icons. Once you learn all those, just make combination falls using a specific icon and the win will form. For this, you can choose any icon of your choice. If you choose the wilds, the win will be more than the basic ones. It’s that simple. 

Rolling Cairo Link&Win is just a piece of cake and so are the wins. So, form a combination and start the spin now itself. 

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