Cash Clams


This 3-reel slot game, with 1 payline and 2 coin slots is equipped with a wild symbol that also acts as a multiplier and thus provides a chance to the player to earn the maximum amount of five thousand coins while he is playing in the regular mode. The player has to get that lucky combo, which has to appear on the payline.

How to play

Using down and up keys, a player can adjust the size of his coins.
Payout table key is used to choose the amount of coins that a player wishes to bet with.
Bet one key is used to raise the bet amount.
Bet max key is used to raise the bet amount to the maximum automatically.
Spin is used to spin the reels.
The highlighted string across the reels is the winning one.
Win field is used to show the total of the coins won.
How much a player earns is directly linked to the type of winning string he gets.
Payout table displays how much a player has won per winning string, in coins.
How much a player earns in credits is directly linked to the size of the coin which is multiplied with the entire coin amount that a player has won.
All symbols must appear on a payline, starting from the 1st reel.


Cash Clams

This symbol is used to replace all the others. It is also used to double the amount of the string where it is used as a replacement. If there are 2 of them, substituting other symbols, then the winnings are quadrupled.
If there are several of these symbols, but they are not used as replacements, then they form the winning string, but without multiplying the winning.

Game Rules

All symbols have to follow left-right rule and be on the payline.
Cash clams is the only symbol that can replace all the others.
Paytable displays how much a player has won in coins, for every winning string he got.
2 coins max can be used per every spin.
The player receives the winnings from the most valuable string only.
The size of the coins is multiplied with the amount won in order to calculate the amount a player receives in credits, i.e. Size of the coins selected X Coin amount=Credits.
If the system experiences problems, payments and games are declared void.

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