Casino Hold ‘em Live is an Evolution Gaming product that was apparently designed to draw chunks of poker enthusiasts to their usually incomparable live casinos. It can be played on desktops and mobile devices and just a single deck of cards that is carefully shuffled at the start of every hand is used. There are multiple cameras in the live studio, all of which make possible pretty much immersive gaming experience.

Gameplay here differs significantly from standard Texas Hold’em Poker and the action takes place in a Latvian studio and is streamed in HD format. A sweet user interface, lots of gameplay options and pretty live dealers of the fairer sex make this game very captivating.
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All About Casino Hold’em Live

For all intents and purposes, the number of players who can simultaneously play this live dealer game is limitless. Each player is assigned a single seat and must make an Ante bet in order to engage in gameplay.

A couple of face-up cards are dealt to each player, along with a trio of face-up community cards. The player can then either fold or call and invariably the call bet doubles the value of the Ante bet. The cards left are then drawn and players win if their hand is stronger than that held by the dealer.

In Casino Hold’em Live, the dealer is required to possess a pair of 4s or any other card that is of a higher value in order to be eligible for the Call bet. The player records a win if the dealer is unable to meet this requirement. Players of this live dealer game get even money for a straight hand, but there are hands that can pay out up to 100: 1.

When players of Casino Hold’em Live place a Bonus wager, they can expect to get a payout if a couple of Aces or higher are featured in their initial five cards. The least and highest bonus payouts are 7:1 and 100: 1 respectively.

Final Thoughts

Casino Hold’em Live is a sweet addition to the Evolution Gaming line up of live dealer games. Featuring unlimited players, all the usual gameplay options and accessibility across a diverse array of devices, it is rather hard to fault. Overall, this is one live dealer game that players can easily lose themselves in!

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