Cats of the Caribbean is a cat based, pirate based online slot game with some super fun cat rides and rolls. Made with an inspired rip off from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, here cats are the pirates and they surely know what to do when it comes to looting ships. Made with some pretty cool animations, the game can do a lot of purr stuff along its way. 

The Meow-tastic Game

Cats of the Caribbean has this base theme of cats looting other ships as pirates. Even Though there is a small inspiration from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, Snowborn studios really nailed it on the animation part. Here, everything is superbly done and there is nothing to complain about. The players can see the pirate cats on their ship deck with all their weapons like cannons and cannonballs. If you start spinning this game, you will get a better idea of what lies next and what will be the symbols. 

Speaking of icons and symbols of Cats of the Caribbean, there will be some hooks, barrel icons, a death skull bottle, a parrot, a gun and an octopus icon. The primary icons will be catnip, the red cat, the claw cat and finally the big tabby. There will be some scatter icons as well as wild icons too in this set. So, find out these symbols one by one and mark out their values for an easy spin and access. This way, you don’t have to struggle while enjoying the game. Now, to the bonuses of Cats of the Caribbean. Wilds and scatters are the preliminary bonuses of Cats of the Caribbean. Apart from this, there will be other bonuses like, wild cannon rewards, the cat pot bonuses worth 10000x and many more random triggers. All these can be easily triggered and activated with some mere spins and combi rolls. So, let’s get to the game shall we? 

How’s the Game?

Cats of the Caribbean is a piece of wonder for all the cat lovers out there. With this game, the players can relax and have a fun time through the spins. So, start the rolls of Cats of the Caribbean and make it a pirate fun day! 

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