Chilli Inferno has a lot of features and bonuses and you need a certain amount of time to get to know all these. But once you feel you are ready, then it will be time to roll these one after another. So, pack all your water bags cause this game is going to get hot in a couple of moments. 

Everything about Chilli Inferno

There is no specific theme here about Chilli Inferno. It’s a game where you can see and feel the red hotness of chillies and their characters. For the time being, we can call the game a fiery one with a lot of character chillies with facial expressions. Chilli Inferno also includes a lot of animations for the chilly characters and the win will come in so many ways. Even I don’t know what’s the route of this. But the game is easy as well as well understandable even for a beginner spinner. So, what’s there in the symbol sack? It contains low paying symbols as well as high paying chilly flake ones. The lows are mostly playing cards consisting A to Js. There is also a numeral called the 10s. But the main jacks are the high paying chilly character symbols. These come in four different colors and in four different moods. If you feel like this is making you hot, fear not, the game is making everyone hot and you need to compete with the symbols to get a cool, chilly bonus win breeze. So, let’s see what all bonuses are included in this area. So, it all begins with scatters, wilds, mystery features like a gate burning to win and lots of link and win features as well as free spins. All these are good and once you get the ruling key of spinning techniques, the win will come one by one. So, let’s begin the game shall we? 

Any Thoughts?

Chilli Inferno is a nice game to spin especially during the dark and cold winter. It has a lot of surprises to give you and once you feel like it’s enough, cash out and make it a day! That’s how pros would do it here. 

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