The casino lovers have always been divided on the opinion whether the traditional casino gaming is better or online casino gaming is better. Every person has his own opinion as both the sides have their own set of pros and cons. But, the online game developers are smart enough to bring things in their stride and hence, they developed online LIVE casino gaming. The gaming giant NetEnt introduced Classic Roulette (LIVE) and every casino lover is going gaga over it.

With Classic Roulette (LIVE), the players got a chance to enjoy the classic game roulette with the exact same feel of playing in the traditional casino with a group of people.

The user friendly interface, graphics, the well synchronized sound effects and the feeling that you are playing live make the gaming experience totally- totally worthwhile.

About the Developer

NetEnt, which has been actively producing online slot games since 1996, is the developer of this slot game. NetEnt has many amazing games to its credit. This gaming giant has always given the best to the players.

NetEnt has gained a niche over many other online casino developers as well as the traditional casinos. They are getting the best of both worlds packed in the little screens of their mobiles phones.

About the Game

Here, in Classic Roulette (LIVE) the players have given some of the most amazing features to the players. Apart from the enthralling graphics and big payouts, they have given many other things to enhance the already amazing gaming experience for the player.

The gameplay of the online version of this game is no different from playing the traditional land based roulette. You get to place the bets and you get to win a lot of money. You get a table, a spinning wheel and ball. The wheel is divided into 37 slots numbered from 0 to 36 in colours and red and black.

You can either place the bet on a specific number, a colour or a slot. If you are lucky, your ball will land where you placed the bet and you win.

The developers have introduced some extra buttons that help the players to that help you to change the bet. Yes! Now after analyzing the game if you feel you shouldn’t have put that bet, you can cancel or double the bet to bring the ball in your court. The extra buttons help the players to make more and more money in the game.

One thing to applaud about NetEnt is that the gameplay is smoothly on the mobile phones. Not for a second would it give you a sort of artificial feel. You will get so engaged and engrossed in playing roulette that you will almost forget that you are playing roulette in your mobile phone. The smooth and easy user interface make it easy for everyone to indulge in casino gaming.


Classic Roulette is one of the most interesting and amazing casino gambling game that has not lost its charm with time and Classic Roulette (LIVE) is a testimony of the love players have for this casino game. You can now enjoy any version be it American, French or European, on your mobile phones.

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