Colt Lightning can be called as a mammoth slot game where style meets sublimity. This slot game doesn’t share any resemblance with other prairie themed slot games that won’t give out much preference to style and setting. Colt Lightning is also a power packed slot game that can do a multitude of things in a short time. So, let’s all welcome the spins and have a spin with them. 

How cool and wild is Colt Lightning!

Truth to be told, there is nothing special here at Colt Lightning. But the way this game is made makes all the difference. It’s a slot game where you can see the wildlife of America at its fullest strength. This is made possible with a set of strong animations and wonderful graphics. The game won’t make any cliche roars or hisses at you or your spins and will glide through all your perfected spins. So, to get a better view at these spins, you need to roll the game without any gaps. So, what are the real icons of roar here? As all the symbol structures, this game also begins by following the conventions of the playing cards of A to Js. They can’t be omitted in any ways and without them, nothing will happen anywhere and in Colt Lightning too. So, apart from them, there are these wild animals like reptiles, snakes, cougars and wolves. In a way, these symbols do perform more than they really visualize and that’s what makes the game of Colt Lightning standout from the rest. Colt Lightning also has a lot of colors to match with these symbols. That too is an enhancer. So, next comes the high bonuses which will be the colt based free spins, colt based respins and the usual colt features and wilds. Since everything has a colt in it, you will get that jolt to spin right from the beginning of the game and it will only end with you ending the game. So, Colt Lightning is super fun and super energy filled for all your wins. All you gotta do is spin and make these spins last a bit more longer than the usuals. If you can do this, you win

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