You are at the right place to win something straight away quirky. It’s called Cops n Robbers Big Money and there is a chase between the cops and the robbers in high style. The model of this game might be a bit old, but it will surely give you tons of fun and nostalgia that will rock you for ages. So, spin the cops and catch the robbers. 

The Cop Slot of Fun

Cops n Robbers Big Money is a big slot in so many ways and the real fun comes with the symbol falls. You need to make the symbols fall to get the rewards. That’s the main agenda of spins. In reality, the game has a lots of nostalgic vibe and retro effect right from the beginning of the spins. The color of blue and black intermixes with the symbols and make a perfect turf for your retro rolls. Now, it’s just you and your spins that are pending and if you can do this in the coming minutes, you will be seriously rewarded in these coming moments. So, the first set of icons are the low ones that are obviously  A – J playing cards. The remaining are the high icons which will be some cash bags, cash piles, cop chase car, cop icons and a bull dog icon. Bonus icons are pretty low here and to get over these, you need to spin accordingly and make the spins doubled. This may seem overwhelming but it is not. Just note down what all you need to do here in this slot and then go for the spins. Since its a retro slot, nothing is that much twisty and swirly. So, what are the bonuses of Cops n Robbers Big Money? There will be a cop as well as robber and lots and lots of free spins and chase features to pump up the adrenaline. 


Cops n Robbers Big Money is going live and it has included some special chasing sequences for you to try on. Instead of planning, make your spins into reality and get everything you wished for from this single, retro slot game. 

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