Crown and Anchor


As a standard 3-dice, bet board game, Crown and Anchor can help a player win some money. The goal is to guess the symbol of the dice, by placing the bet on that particular symbol. There are 3 dice for each game.

How to play

Anchor, spade, crown, diamond, heart and club are the symbols that a player can choose from.
Chip field is used to choose the size of the chip that is going to be used in the game.
A bet field on the paytable is used to place a regular bet.
A bet is used to raise the bet amount.
Shift key is used if a player wants to remove a certain bet. Press it and click on the bet you want removed.
Clear is used to clear the paytable from all the bets.
Repeat is used to place the same bet as it was in the previous game.
Play is used to roll 3 dice.
Win field displays how much a player has earn.
The winning will be highlighted across the play area.
There are 3 daubers on the table set on the winning positions.
The face-up-dice that show up at the end influence the total winnings.
A player will receive payouts from each match differently, i.e. if he guessed one symbol right, the odds are 1:1, if two, then they are 2:1 if three, the odds are 3:1.



A player can set a sequence of games to be played in a row using the autoplay. It is important to choose the bet amount prior to pressing the autoplay button.

Game Rules

There are three dice in each game.
A bet is placed on the symbol a player predicts will be the same as the symbol found on dice.
It is possible to place the bet on several symbols in one game.
How many daubers a player places on each position that brings him the winning, are directly linked to the amount of matching symbols.
The winnings are in credits.
The face-up-dice that show up at the end influence the total winnings.
In case of malfunction, all payouts and games are cancelled.

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