If you are someone who is looking for a great slot game with low margins and high payouts, then Derby Wheel is the game to follow. Here, you can get up to 2000x bet if you stick right in the core and play wise. In addition to this, Derby Wheel has some super cool horse racing bonuses too. So, are you coming in? 

About Derby Wheel

Derby Wheel is all about a total hideout where it never shows that it is a horse racing slot game. You will only get to know about this once you enter the bonus arena. Once you begin your spins, the game will start showing its real face of adventure gaming and finally, the horses show up. There is nothing inaccurate about the representation of the game. Even though there are no horses in the main layout, you can see a lot of game show crowds and neons. The symbols are also likewise. So, let’s start counting them. 

The Icons

Now to the icons and symbols of Derby Wheel. There is nothing complicated about any of these. Just plan your way of how you wanna go and then give the bet. So, these icons are basic fruit symbols consisting of lemon, cherries, plums, 7s and bars. The rest of the bonuses happen at the bonus wheel and that’s also pretty easy. Since the layout is simple enough, you can easily trace all these down and predict your winning way ahead of the end. So, now let’s shift to the bonus arena. 

Features, Bonuses and Special Effects

There are two main bonus features here at Derby Wheel and they both are horse racing related. These two are known as big wheel feature and horse racing feature. Both these are designed to yield high sounding prizes. Here, you can get up to 2000x and more if you spin the reels and chase the horse correctly. So, now it’s your turn to play and win the Derby Wheel. 


Derby Wheel is all ready for the horse battle. There is nothing you can do apart from spinning the reels. So, better do good at that and start your game to get the wins. 

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