Diamond VIP Live is a blackjack game developed by Evolution Gaming with high rollers mind. The minimum main bet is £1,000 while on the other hand the maximum main bet is £5,000. This blackjack version is streamed live and directly from Evolution Gaming studios in the UK and Riga, Latvia. Read this casino review to learn more about this online blackjack game.

Diamond VIP Live Rules

While Diamond VIP Live is a game for high stakes players, the rules are still the same as any other blackjack game. For example this game is played with a total of 8 regular 52 card decks. In addition to this, the dealer or house will stand with a hand of 17 (combined card values).

Players will be able to make side bets alongside their main bets. They will be able to place Perfect Pairs or 21+3 side bets and the result of the main bet has no bearing on the side bets. Players may lose a main bet and still win a side bet in the same game.

High Rollers, High Quality

Diamond VIP Live is a game that features live dealers from Evolution Gaming studios in the UK and Riga, Latvia. The picture quality of the live steam is of very high quality which is also complimented by the soundtrack and effects. To add to the gameplay, you have multi-camera angles on hand to vary your view while playing.

As mentioned earlier, you need to place a bet of at least £1,000 to gain entry to a seat at a selected blackjack table. This blackjack is not for the faint of hearts and only players willing to gamble with significant sums of money can have a go.

Diamond VIP Live Blackjack Payout

To earn a blackjack payout in Diamond VIP Live you need to have a hand with couple of cards with a combined values of exactly 21. With this value you will win against the house and receive a payout of 3:2. Note that a blackjack win will not affect your side bets and wins can be earned there as well in addition to your blackjack.

To Sum Up

Diamond VIP Live is a high quality, high roller video casino blackjack game. This blackjack has a user friendly interface with courteous live dealers to ensure your gameplay is both fun and highly rewarding.

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