Doctor Love


A 5-reel spin game that is a joy to play and a sure winning, Doctor Love will give each player a chance to win a return of 95.04%. It’s the player’s task to choose the lines and get a successful combination. The winning combo will result in the payouts, which are based on the number of coins that the player has used as well as the type of the symbols, sorted in that lucky combination. With a free games feature you can rest assured that this slot game will boost your winnings considerably.

How to play

Down and up buttons are used for setting the number of the lines and bet that a player wants to play. With the max button, a player can automatically reach the maximum for both fields, the lines and bet. As an alternative, a player can choose the lines using the line tag number set overside the reels.
A player can use autoplay to set games which will be played in a row automatically, without dealing with the software. The number of games, which can vary from five to five hundred, will be chosen by the player prior to starting the game. If the system doesn’t function properly, then everything is cancelled, both the payments and plays.
A player can use spin in order to start the game and spin the reel.
Info shows the game rules as well as the awards that are possible to win.

Display shows:

total bet- the entire wager
win- the money won
bet- the amount found on each line
lines- the number of lines that a player has to play
balance- player’s entire balance


Playing games for free
When a player sees three, four or five scattered love meters, he has the right to play 10, 15 and 20 games for free respectively. A player can play these games at the lines. He can also use the bet of the trigger game. One of the best things with these free games is that prizes won here are three times worthier. Another benefit of this feature is that it can be re-triggered.

Gambling (if possible)

If a gambling option is activated, a player can double and even quadruple his winnings, except for the jackpot, provided that he wants to gamble with them. He has to choose either the right colour or the suit. For the right colour, he will receive a 200% increase in his winnings, whereas suit will bring him a 400% increase. He can gamble with his winnings for five times.

Game Rules

Love meter is the only win that does not have to appear on the lines that the player has selected.
Love meter is also the only one that can be paid right to left and left to right. The other symbols have to be paid left to right.
Dr Love is a symbol that can change all other symbols, except love meter.
A player can play up to 20 lines.
The entire staked amount is used to multiply the scatter wins, which are mixed with the payline wins.
Every line that is selected will show the amount that is the highest.
Paytable is used as a basis for the payouts.
Every payline amount is multiplied by the payline wins.
Different paylines that display the same winnings will be combined.

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