You create a game that has two major features and you search for a title to give it. But after much thinking, you still haven’t got one. So, what do you do?? Combine both the features to form a name and declare it has the game’s title. That exactly is what NextGen seem to have done. Can’t blame them though. DoublePlay SuperBet is quite a cool title after all. And quite self explanatory too. Because that is what this game is all about. This is a high flying slot meant for those chasing some big wins in a short space of time. The higher you bet in this game the more you get in return.

Get some high flying wins!!

The theme of DoublePlay SuperBet is actually quite generic and has been done to death in most other slots. But the real USP of this game are the two features that are mentioned in the title. Both of those buttons reside on the right side of the screen and help you win amazing amounts of money. But you do have to pay a little extra to activate them though they are totally worth it considering the returns you get from them.

Gameplay :

DoublePlay SuperBet has 5 reels and a massive 25 paylines. The betting range is wide and differs according to the game play feature
you choose. Yes, the slot volatility is high but it is more than justified as the payouts are high too. The house edge is a decent 4.95%. The jackpot in this game though is a staggering 225,000£ and thus is potentially life changing.

DoublePlay :

Using this option you can increase the multiplier on wilds. The options range from 3x to 9x ( which double during free spins) Use this intelligently and you may end up winning quite a lot on this slot.

Superbet :

Pay a little extra to make those wilds show up one either one or more of the reels. Combine this with the DoublePlay option and you have yourself a potent combo that’ll help you in your quest to hit the jackpot.

DoublePlay SuperBet also has other bonus features such as ordinary wilds and scatters which are pretty normal in nature and can be easily understood while playing this game.

So, a yes or a no??

If you are a player that is looking for some big wins, then a definite yes. Cause the higher you bet on this game, the more you get. But it would still be a yes if you are novice looking to play a risk free game if you manage to play only with lower bets. The returns are pretty decent for lower bets too. So, all in all this is a game that one must try to play!!

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