Dr Love On Vacation


Dr Love: On Vacation is a brilliant variation of the well renown and popular scratchcard, Dr Love. These types of games are also commonly known as “scratch ‘n’ match” because of the goal of the game itself. Dr Love: On Vacation is just as fun and exciting as Dr Love but with a new amazing theme and fantastic graphics.

The maximum prize per spin is £250,000 with the opportunity for a player to bet as low as £20 and as high as £200. Dr Love: On Vacation is the perfect game to play anywhere one might be, even on vacation! To play the game, a player must scratch off the coating on the boxes displayed on the scratchcard. This will reveal the hidden symbols underneath. If a player scratches to reveal three identical hidden symbols, they win. There is even a possibility of winning more than one prize per scratchcard. The payouts of Dr Love: On Vacation are determined by the game’s pay table and are always multiples of the wagers put in at the beginning. This means that the more a player bets, the more they can payout.


The biggest reason why scratchcards are so popular is because they are so easy to play with simple rules and only a few clicks of a button.

  • To begin the game of Dr Love: On Vacation, the player must press the PLAY button
  • Next, the player must place their wager. Do this by pressing the BET button. To raise or lower the wager, press the UP and DOWN buttons accordingly
  • The fastest way for a player to see if they won a prize is to press the REVEAL ALL button, This will reveal all of the hidden symbols by scratching all the boxes at one time
  • The other method for a player to see if they have won is to scratch off the boxes one by one by swiping with the computer mouse


  • To make the game even more easy and interesting, a player can press the AUTOPLAY button. This will allow them to set an amount of rounds to play in a row. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust how many rounds to play
  • The PLAY button will stop the AUTOPLAY feature

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