Drone Wars


This 5-reel, 500-coin slot game with 25 paylines, and additional features, such as gambling the bonus games, has everything a player needs to boost his earnings. All he has to do is get a winning string on the payline that he has selected. The amount he receives is directly linked to the type of the winning string that he gets. Drone Wars can reel in some real money for every player.

How to Play

Up and down buttons are used to choose the size of the coins used in the game.
The bet amount is adjusted using the up and down buttons of the coins field.
The bet max is used to set the bet amount to the maximum automatically.
The lines field is used to choose the amount of lines for a game.
The spin button is used for reel spinning.
The win field is used for displaying the amount won per each string.
If a player gets a winning string where symbols are in a line on the payline, then this string will be highlighted across the reels.
Payout tables show how much a player has won per winning string.
The expert mode is equipped with two additional features that the regular lacks: 1) autoplay, which sets the series of games to be played for a several numbers of spins (the player decides how many) and the spin x5/10, which does the same but for five, or 10 spins, whichever the player chooses.
A player can modify the game options, should he chooses, game and sound settings as well as balance, bet and how much he wins.
The statistics for the game a player is playing will be displayed throughout it. After he finishes the game and exits it, the statistics will be reset.


Wild Logo

This symbol can replace all the others, except for the scattered one.
When it is used on its own, it can form a winning string, provided that there are 2+ of them in them string.

Scattered Logo

This symbol is used to finish the winning string, provided there are at least three of them scattered across the reels. When this happens, they also trigger an additional bonus game. This is the only symbol that the wild cannot replace.
Battle Plan of the Drone Wars
If there are 3+ symbols of the scattered logo anywhere on the reels, this feature is triggered. The player is then rewarded with 2 bonus games, space or planetary attack, but he has to opt for just one.
Space attack provides a player with 5 spins for free, after which several symbols will be converted into wild ones randomly. It is possible to reactivate this feature while the player is playing the space attack, so if there are 3+ scattered logo found across the reels, player gets additional free spins, that are combined with the ones that he hasn’t used up yet.
In planetary attack a player is presented with 5 drones underneath which the bonus amounts are hidden randomly. He has to uncover them. But it’s not that easy as drones fight back, destroying his shields, there are only 4 of them. If they break all four, then the player loses. If he manages to destroy 20 of them, then his entire amount that he placed as bet is multiplied with 50.
The rules applying to the bet and paylines here are identical to the rules that apply to the spin which triggered the feature in the first place.


A player can use this feature if he wishes. He just needs to have at least one winning to start it. The point is to guess either the right colour, which will duplicate the winnings, or the right suit, which will quadruple it.  The limit for using this feature is 5 in one game.

Game Rules

20 coins on each payline at most is allowed.
All symbols pay using left-right order, i.e. they have to start form the first reel. This rule does not apply to scattered symbols, which can pay in any direction.
Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount staked on each payline.
Scattered winnings are determined through a multiplication of the type of the winning string and the entire amount that a player has placed as his regular bet.
Scattered winnings as well as winnings from the bonus games are combined with the regular winnings.
A player is paid only the string that has the highest value for each payline.
The paytable shows how many coins a player has won, the number of which is directly linked ot the how many he has placed as his bet.
Coins are turned into credits using the following formula: Coin amount x size of the coins used in the game= credits.
In case of technical difficulties, all plays and payouts are cancelled.

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