Eastern Dragon


This 5-reel spin game aims at providing an average return of 95.01% for every player. It is enhanced with a free games feature and its main goal for a player is to get the ideal combination of symbols on whichever line he has selected. The amount a player can receive is based upon the amount, i.e. coins, that he uses for playing as well as the on the combination that he has won.

How to Play

A spin button is used for spinning the reel; an autoplay button is used when a player wants to play several games in a row, without having to change his preferences. It can be used for up to 500 spins. Info button contains the game rules and the possible awards.
The number of lines can be chosen either using the + or – buttons next to the lines, or using the line tag number that is next to the reels. The bet is chosen using the + or – buttons. Both the bet and the lines can be set to maximum using the max button.
All the information regarding the game is given on a display:

  1. lines, represents the number of lines a player has picked up,
  2. win, represents the number of winnings a player has had per spin,
  3. balance, represents the whole amount used by a player,
  4. bet, represents the amount a player has staked per line and
  5. total bet, represents the entire wager staked, which is in fact the number of lines multiplied by the bet.

Please note that in case of any malfunction, everything, i.e. plays and wagers, will be cancelled,


If there is the dragon on the first and fifth reel, then a player can use a free games feature, which provides a player with 15 games ha can play for free where the prizes are three times worthier than the regular games. The player can play these games at the lines, and bet on them of the trigger game.
This feature can be restarted.
There is also a possibility for a player to gamble his winnings. All he has to do is use the gamble button and then choose either colour or suit. If he is right, he can win twice as much for the colour or four times as much for the suit. All winnings can be gambled for five times, expect the jackpot, which cannot be gambled at all.

Game Rules

Scattered coin can show up anywhere, but the other wins have to appear on the lines that a player has selected.
Scattered coin symbol can pay from right to left and vice versa, but all other symbols must pay from left to right.
The dragon can be seen on the first and fifth reel, and it can be used to replace any symbol, but for the scattered coin.
When the dragon appears, the prizes in that game are worth twice as much.
A player can choose to play up to twenty lines.
Paytable is used to create the payouts.
The amount of payline wins is multiplied by the amount placed on every payline.
Every selected line displays the highest amount.
The entire staked amount is multiplied with the wins that are scattered, which are added to the wins of the paylines.
Different paylines, which show the same winnings, are to be combined.

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