Enchanted Woods


Enhanced with the reel hold and pick a toad, Enchanted Woods, with its 5 reels and 1 payline is a standard 1-coin slot game that every player will enjoy. The main idea is to get the winning string on the payline and thus earn some money. The amount a player earns is influenced by the symbols he gets in the winning string.

How to Play

– and + keys adjust the bet.
Play spins the reels.
Hold is used to choose the positions of the reel that a player wishes to hold.
The winning strings are automatically held.
Unlock restarts every reel.
Continue spins the reels that are not held.
The winning string is highlighted across the reels, and the amount is shown in the win field.
Paytable displays how much a player wins for each string.
In order for a string to be formed, the symbols need to be on the payline, but they don’t have to be lined up.


Pink Fairy

This symbol is used to replace all the others, except for bonus toad. It can be found only on the second and fourth reels.
It cannot be used to form the winning string on its own.

Bonus Toad

This symbol can appear anywhere across the reels.
When there are 2+ of them, then the winning string is formed.
When there are 3+ of them, then an additional feature, pick a toad, is triggered.
A pink fairy cannot replace this symbol.


This is optional and is used to stop up to 5 reels and hold them in a particular position. They appear in the next spin in the position that they were held.
If there is a winning string after the 1st spinning, then the reels are held in that position automatically.
A player can unlock these reels.

Pick a Toad

3+ symbols of bonus toad trigger this feature, where a player wins bonus amounts which are randomly hidden under ten toads. The player can only select three of them, but can earn as many as 180 coins.
All bonus amounts that are uncovered are also won.

Game Rules

One coin is allowed on the payline.
All symbols must be on the payline. They don’t have to be ordered in a line.
A player receives the payments that are in credits.
The paytable presents how much a player wins in coins.
If there are any technical problems with the site, the plays and payouts will be cancelled.
Scattered symbol strings are multiplied with the bet amount to calculate the scattered winnings.
The entire amount of coins that is won is multiplied with the size of credits that a player has chosen in order to determine the amount of credits.
Coins are turned into credits using the following formula: Coin amount x size of the coins used in the game= credits.

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