Wonderful things can happen to a slot play and one such slot game is made with a lot of epic crystals and fruity loops. Here, there won’t be any negatives and the players can easily depend on the slot without reading much instructions. Just study the symbols and learn the basics of slot gaming and spin. That’s all it is needed here to get the most of Epic Crystal Deluxe. 

Introduction of Epic Crystal Deluxe

Have you ever spinned a crystal based slot game? If you have, then Epic Crystal Deluxe is not like that. Here, fruits and scatters are the main compounds and they are the ones that make and power all the bonuses and free spins. Here, the gamers can see tons of crystals and magical colors in the background. That’s a signature touch of Epic Industries. If you don’t know how to spin, then Epic Crystal Deluxe is the right ground to practice. It’s fun as well as beginner friendly. 

While talking about the symbols, like every other slot game, Epic Crystal Deluxe has two sets of symbols. The primary ones and the special, featured filled ones. The primary ones are some numerals like 7s and some fruit icons like oranges, cherries and lemons. The special ones are scatters and logo kinds. Whatever the case be, you need to learn the basic values of these symbols to plant your strategy over the game. If you can’t do this, there is nothing like cheat codes to help you here. So, demo the game and then play for real. Now to the features and extras of Epic Crystal Deluxe. 

Features and Bonuses

The main feature here will be free spins. You need to get a hold of this feature to know more tips and tricks about this. It’s actually the best in class feature and the most loved in all slots. Just land the scatters and make a combination and the game will give you the win. In addition to this, there are some respin accounts as well as some jackpots too. 

Closing Words

That’s all about the online video slot of Epic Crystal Deluxe. Come and enjoy it right now to get the most of it right from the front row. 

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