European Roulette


With pockets from zero to thirty-six this golden series European roulette allows a player to try and guess where the ball will land. The game has different features, such as call and neighboring bets, bet track and a layout that can be adjusted according to the player’s preferences.

How to Play

Before placing the bet a player is allowed to either increase or decrease the chip amount he wishes to wager by using the appropriate buttons, labeled + and -.
Clicking on SPIN, the ball will drop onto the roulette wheel which will be spinning.
When the ball stops, and the player’s guess was right, the amount won appears inside a field called a WIN box.
There are two play modes – the Regular Mode and the Expert Mode.
Regular play serves as the standard play mode, it doesn’t use any advanced features. Expert play mode uses features from both the regular play mode and advanced features. Expert play mode unlocks the bet layouts, which can be customized, neightbor bets, autoplay, which allows the player to instantly play a set batch of games set one after another without needing to further tamper with the settings.
Inside bets include: line bet ( 2 rows next to each other with odds 5:1), square bet (a block of four numbers with odds 8:1), straight-up (1 number with odds 35:1), street bet ( 3 numbers in a row with odds 11:1) and split bet( 2 numbers which are found one next to the other with odds 17:1).
Outside bets include: dozen bet (on 12 numbers with odds 2:1), column bet (on a vertical column with odds 2:1) and even-money bet (on 18 numbers with odds 1:1).
Game statistics allow the player to track his winnings. They are reset after each game.


Neighbor Bets

These bets are comprised of the Straight-up bet number a player has wagered on and its two closest neighbor numbers, on either of its sides on the wheel. In essence, the aim is to end up betting on five numbers in total.
By default, the number of Neighbor wagers made is two. The player can adjust this number using the options menu.
This type of bet uses a credit value that is identical to the one of a normal bet. A chip gets placed on the number used for the Straight-up bet, and an additional chip is used per each neighboring number. This makes the bet five chips in total.

Call bet

A group of bets that are staked at the same time.
This feature is available only in expert mode or while using bet tracks.
The bets that are considered call bets are : Les Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre and Les Voisins Du Zero.

Bets Track

This feature enables a player to place a group of bets concurrently. A player can bet either call bets or neighboring bets.
Bet layouts that can be customized
These are used in order to customize bet layouts on the table. The player can apply bets for one specific game or during the autoplay mode.
Eight specific bet layouts at the most can be customized. A player is allowed to apply more than one layout to the table during a roulette game.

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