Can’t sleep on this lazy moon night? You can spin the online slot game of Fear the Dark for a change and wake up all your fear instincts one by one. By playing this game, you can do two things at the same time. One, you can purgate yourself, two you can win lots and lots of fear based adventures. So, would you try this one? 

Don’t Fear the Dark!

Fear the Dark from Hacksaw Gaming is a horror based, spooky slot game that can be played by anyone. Actually speaking, there is nothing horror here and only some cute spooky symbols and their play. But the way the slot is made makes all the paranormal vibe. This begins with your black overtones and undertones as well as the spooky tone which is present everywhere while you spin. The animations are also dark and they really get synced up with the game’s profile. While coming to the symbols of Fear the Dark, they too stand bolstered with the spooky tones. The symbols begin with low paying stair symbols, tombstones, cups and cubes as well as some spooky cross symbols. The high icons here will be spooky ghosts, green head spooky ghosts, clowns, zombies and pigs. Here, the zombie icon will be the most paying icon of all. There won’t be any wilds here but there will be scatters. This will be the moon man symbol and some candles. While coming to the in house bonuses of Fear the Dark, they begin with some of your usual random triggers. Apart from this, there will be free spins, something called full moon features, scatter based alone in the dark features, other darkness spin features and more. There will be some bonus buy features as well for your choosing. With all these packed in this slot game, you don’t have to be worried of winning shortages. So, take out all your confidences and place them all over the reels of Fear the Dark. 

Closing Remarks

Fear the Dark is now ready for the spins and it’s not that dark and scary at all. Roll it accordingly and start winning the dark like reels of this slot game. 

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