Fortune Rewind is a game you should spin if you are into science and back to the future kind of flicks. With this kind of slot games, you won’t get bored anytime soon and the bonuses will come and overflow over your treasure chest. That’s why there is this rush to play Fortune Rewind! So, are you also joining today to play some sciency things? 

All and Everything About Fortune Rewind

In a way, Fortune Rewind is an intricate slot game with a lot of future geeky things happening 24×7. But managing the game is pretty cool and easy and once you get the hang of the spins, winning will be magical in easy terms. So, the background of the game changes according to your spins and it can go past as well as future and with this change, the colors and themes also do change. But nothing comes free. You need to seriously spin the game to make the change. So, what all are there to spin in this futurist slot game? The main icons here are some god icons, skulls, watches, a walkman, a boot and a cop’s badge. These will be the high paying icons. But the low paying ones will be A to J playing cards. Knowing these icons won’t give you anything special. You need to seriously learn and spin these icons and have to make a combination. This is the only way to trigger rewards from Fortune Rewind. If you pay attention to the details, you can easily identify your routes towards the winning platform. So, just go as your mind says and spin. 

Now while coming to the reward section, there will be a lot to imbibe here. There are casual wild winnings, free spins, multipliers and so many others. There is a fast forward feature as well as a time warp free spin feature. If you pay close attention to both these bonuses, winning will be doubled in no time. So, this is the only thing to make sure you are doing it right. 

Closing Words

Fortune Rewind is a superb slot set with a very unique theme and play. Play by spinning the reels and make a good day with it. 

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