Elegant Blackjack tables are designed especially for the high rollers and the VIP players. The players who are willing to experience the best online Blackjack Live experience should definitely go to the Evolution gaming VIP table games and try out the Fortune VIP Live. This is one of the Blackjack games that will make you feel that you are at a real-time casino. As the name suggests, this game is made for the high rollers and let them bet really high and win big.

Fortune VIP Live- A game to cherish

The layout of Fortune VIP Live is beautifully designed and looks really classy. There is a grey felt table and the surroundings of the game room are elite. There are two dealers on the screen. One who places the bets and deals the cards and the other one who keeps shuffling the cards. The video quality is high definition and can be adjusted. The players have been given an option to chat with the dealer when they play. The chips can also be seen at the bottom of the screen and they start from 5 and go up to 5000. Since it is a VIP game, the players will have to place the least bet of 250 and the highest will go up to 5000.

How To Play?

The gameplay of Fortune VIP Live is really simple and is just like any other Blackjack game. The only addition is that the players are also given a choice to place side bets which is really advantageous for the players. Seven players will be able to play at one time and depending on how many slots are empty, the players can choose their seating on the table As the game starts, the players will be placing the coins on the circles which will be their bet and the dealer will deal them with their cards. Blackjack pays 3:2 and the dealer must stand at 17. There is also insurance which will pay 2:1. The perfect pairs, 21+3 and bet behind are the side bets.

To Sum Up

Players who are looking for a premium casino gaming experience should definitely try out the Fortune VIP Live game from Evolution gaming. The side bets and the features of the game make it worth spending time and money.

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