Looking for a fun experience while playing Roulette at a live casino? Go no further because French Roulette Live is the game to try. This version of Roulette has been designed by Evolution gaming and is available to players at Vegas Paradise Casino. The player will be impressed by the quality of video streamed and the gameplay of this interesting live Roulette. The betting range is vast and the game is accessible across devices including mobiles and tablets.

In The First Look- French Roulette Live

In one word, this French Roulette Live looks impressive. The video quality is the first thing that strikes the eye and high definition video makes everything much more enjoyable and realistic. In addition to this, there is a big roulette table placed on the screen which is red in colour and the roulette wheel can be seen at the right of the screen. The dealer also sits next to the Roulette wheel. The players will be able to see all the parts of the Roulette table with the help of different camera angles. Additionally, there is an option to chat with the dealer while playing the game. The betting starts at £2 and goes up to £50000 making this one of the highest.

Gameplay of French Roulette Live

Since this is French Roulette, there is only one zero in the Roulette wheel and a slightly different table layout than the European game. Apart from that, the gameplay is simple. The players will be given inside and outside bets and a racecourse betting table. The players will choose the coin size and place their bets. Once they are done, the bets are locked.

The dealer will spin the wheel and the winning number will be displayed on the screen. Winners will be awarded and the players will be given some time to place their bets again. To know the rules of the game, the players can either ask the dealer or go to the info section and know about the different bets and their payouts.

To Sum Up

All in all French Roulette Live is a great choice for the people who are looking for a high quality gaming experience from a live casino. Evolution gaming has some of the best dealers and they never disappoint the players with the quality of their games. This is the reason that this live version of French Roulette is a must try.

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