French Roulette Live is one of the popular live roulette games where you get the thrill of real-time gaming. The rules in the game are more or less similar to classic European roulette but have minor differences. The live version can be an ideal option for both high and medium rollers. When it comes to the look and feel, the game has awesome graphics and camera views from three different angles. These three-dimensional, multiple cameras ensure that you get a fantastic gaming experience as you can easily view the minute details of the gaming table. The game can be played on your mobile devices and desktops.

French Roulette Live – Waiting time and bets

In addition to the high-quality user interface, it also has a 50-second waiting time. Coming to the gaming strategies, you need to have an idea of the basic terms related to French Roulette Live. For example, the house edge is one such aspect that you have to have an idea of. House edge determines the house advantage in the game. In the case of live French roulette, the house edge ranges from 1% and can go up to 16%. For inside bets and corner bets, the house edge is around 33 to 4. The success rate of these bets is around 4 out of 37.

After French Roulette Live begins, the players can choose the amount of the bet and then tap or click the start button. The interface of the screen also has a layout of the table along with the racetrack. The limit of the betting is based on the operator. However, it starts from 1 and can even go up to 5000, 30000 or even a whopping point of 50000. After the elementary things are done, the host will turn the wheel and it will start spinning. After the ball lands on the slot, the name of the winner will be adjusted and it will appear on the screen.

There are advanced features to choose from

After one round is over, the player has 50 seconds to participate in the next round by placing one bet or you can also leave the game. For players, there are quite a handful of benefits like adjusting the camera views, placing the bet between one and eight adjacent numbers, opting for the multi-game feature, and placing the betting amount according to the bankrolls.
The high-end gaming features along with the prize money make French Roulette Live a great game to play.

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