Fruit Fiesta 3 reel


As a regular 3-reel slot game, Fruit Fiesta has everything a player needs to get that winning string on one of the three paylines that the game offers. It is equipped with three reels, wild symbol and a progressive jackpot, that can bring the player some cash, which is directly proportional to the type of the winning string that he gets.

How to Play

-and+ buttons are used to choose the size of the coins.
Paytable is used to choose the bet amount.
Bet one is used to raise the bet amount.
Bet max is used to raise the bet amount to its maximum.
Spin is used to spin the reels.
Win box is used to show how much a player has won. A winning string is highlighted across the reels.
Payout table displays how many coins a player has won for each winning string.
All winning strings should start from the first reel, i.e. follow the left-right rule. If not, then the symbols do not form a winning string.
The symbols have to be lined up one after the other, on the payline.


Fiesta Fruit

This symbol is often used to replace all other symbols. It is also used on its own to form the winning string on condition that there are several of them across the payline.
Progressive Jackpot
If there are 3 symbols of fiesta fruit across the payline three, then a progressive jackpot is activated, provided that the player has bet 3 coins on the spin. How much a jackpot is worth in credits is displayed in the game, whereas maximum progressive jackpot can be seen on the site The site also contains the names of the current winners of this jackpot.

Game Rules

The coins come in one size only, worth 0.25 in credits.
One coin is possible to place as a bet for each payline.
The player receives only the payout from the most valuable string per payline.
All symbols have to start from the first reel, in order to be able to form a winning string. They also need to be lined up next to each other.
The payout table displays how many coins a player has won per winning string.
How much a progressive jackpot is worth is shown in credits.
The size of the coin is multiplied with the how many coins a player has won in order to determine how many credits he has won, i.e. Coin Size X Coin Amount = Credits
In case of any technical difficulties, the games and payouts are declared void.

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