As you all know, slot games are getting out of our hands with sophistication. It’s all getting tangled up with overly made graphics and power plays. This is where slot games like Fruit Salad come in to ease up the fun and work. Here, you just need to map your way through the fruits and give the symbols a little pat and roll. If you can do this, Fruit Salad will work wonders for you. 

The Warm Fruit Salad

It’s all fabulously and minimally done here at this color slot of Fruit Salad. The game has so many levels for you to try on and once you start getting the spins from the top, you can tackle the bonuses of it as well. In simple terms, Fruit Salad is all about winning the reels one at a time by using their symbols like 7s and bars and of course the fruits. The rest is just animations and graphics that you need to backup. If you do these all in a neat fashion, the win will be yours. 

About the Symbols of Fruit Salad

The game here is soft as well as winnable from multiple angles. Here, you get to see a lot of soft sounding fruits and numerals hitting the reel floor once in every few seconds. Through this, the winning begins. You just need to make combination rolls with these symbols and the win starts to get cranked up. So, there will be fruits, sundaes, bar icons and your usual spinning elements. Once again I tell you, it’s not about the winning here, it’s all about the fun that Fruit Salad gives. 

Features and Bonuses of Fruit Salad

There is only basic winning here at Fruit Salad and this will be the wilds. Wilds make all the wins and this is only what you get from this classic slot game. But don’t get too upset about it. This one bonus is more than enough to get you through the entire game of Fruit Salad. Once you start trying your luck with the spins, you can proceed to the cashout and get everything one by one. See, it’s simple to win from Fruit Salad. So, go forward with Fruit Salad and win all the numbers. 

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