The aim of the Germinator is to get the winning string across the one of 12 available paylines, by using different symbols of the coloured germs. This game is also equipped with an additional bonus game, called medi.

How to Play

-and + are used to select the size of the coins for the game.
Play starts the game. If there is a winning string on the payline, then it is highlighted. The germs are then destroyed, leaving empty spaces for the other germ symbols to shift and fill them in.
The win field shows how much a player has won per winning string.
In case there is no winning string, a player loses the game. He can then start a new game.
All winnings are linked to the symbol types that form the winning string.
The payout numbers display the multiplier that a player has won per winning string.
The entire amount staked is multiplied with the multiplier to determine the winning.
Three + symbols lined up on either vertical or horizontal payline form the winning string.
Every winning string brings a multiplier.



If there are 3+ symbols of the capsule scattered across the grid, then bonus game feature is triggered, where a player can win a multiplier for every winning string. All he has to do is select the germ strain that will destroy every germ from it. The destroyed symbols vanish, leaving other symbols to fill in the spaces. The first germ strain destroyed does not bring the payout.
The betting during this feature is the same as the betting in the spin that triggered this feature.
If, at the game’s end, there are 3+ symbols of the scattered capsule, then this feature is retriggered.
The capsule symbols don’t bring the payout.
The entire bet staked is multiplied with the multiplier in order to determine the amount won.

Game Rules

(De)selecting the lines is not possible. They are set for good.
One coin can be staked for every payline at most.
To get a winning string, a player needs to have at least three symbols matching on any of the horizontal or vertical lines.
A winning string brings a multiplier.
All symbols can pay in any direction.
The player receives the payout, after which, the symbols are destroyed, and another set of germ symbols shifts and fills in the vacant places.
The winning is dependent on the type of the symbols won.
The winning is determined by multiplying the entire bet amount with the multiplier won.
Payouts are displayed in credits.
The payout figure represents the multiplier of each string.
In case of malfunction, games and payouts are cancelled.

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