Watch the Northern Lights up close with the Glow Slot Game.

If you have never seen the Northern Lights in Scandinavia then playing the Glow slot game might fulfill that wish. The game is set on a beautiful Nordic scene of the Northern Lights and it can be considered as a peaceful slot game. The game mainly consists of animal symbols such as the Owl, Bear, Fox and many more besides the conventional A, K, Q, J and 10. The goal in the game is pretty simple and all you need to do is get matching symbols to win big. The wilds and scatters in the game greatly aid you in this and provide rich rewards of their own.

Slot specifications

The Glow slot game consists if 5 reels and 3 rows. The game has 15 paylines and you can choose between 1p and £ 10 stakes on each payline. This makes the game have a pretty flexible stake limit between 15p and £ 150. The game is ideal for all kinds of players from low budget fun seekers to return expecting high rollers. The game is visually pleasing and provides a grand experience to people in search of slow paced and simple to play games.

Game features

The Glow slot game relies only on the wilds and scatters in the game to reward players. The Bear symbol is the wild symbol in the game. However it is more than a symbol substituting wild. Getting this symbol on your payline gives you a 2x multiplier in the base game. Getting the symbol in the bonus round gives you a 4x multiplier and van be very rewarding.

The scatters in the game are not necessarily fixed. Getting 3 or more of any of the animal symbols can get you free spins. But getting 2 to 5 moose symbols is more favourable because it gives you 2 to 5 free spins. The best part is that the scatter symbols in the game are pretty recurrent and you keep getting free spins throughout the game though their number can be between 1 and 5.


Glow is a very relaxing game that is meant for slot gamers looking for a break from the usual fast paced and feature rich games. While other slot games work on a make or break policy, the glow slot game works on giving you slow but systematic returns. It not only works to provide really good returns, but can also be pretty rewarding if you keep getting the wild symbols in the bonus games. With variable stake levels and very little to lose, the game works to reward players. The game can be played on both the PC platform and on handheld devices such as mobiles and tablets.

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