Gonzita’s Quest is a soft slot game with a lot of variety in bonuses and features. Once you get inside the game, there will be a lot of ways to achieve all the goals. The game is made for beginners as well as pro spinners and there won’t be any unwanted glitches at all. If you can spin, you can win. That’s all you have to do here. 

The Game Plan of Gonzita’s Quest

It’s not that hard to simply spin up the reels and get what you really want from Gonzita’s Quest. Even though this is an adventure game, skimming through all the levels and marking your territory is not at all a problem anywhere. The larger canvas of Gonzo’s Quest has this stone structure for the reels and plenty of animations for the spins. Nothing is cliche here and there is a lot of tomb raider kind of behavior in the game. While speaking of the symbols, they are all inside a Mayan kind of a settlement with their own vibrance. So, let’s count them down and they begin with masks and they will be in many shapes and sizes. So, the low paying masks will be birds, snakes, dragons and medusa like snake head ones. The high symbols will be in purple, yellow, green and grey colors. These symbols have their own values and once you get to these values, winning will be quite interesting and easy. There won’t be any mishaps or unwanted settlements anywhere in this symbol structure. Once you get the flow of it, the win will be all yours. So, while coming to the bonuses, there will be free spins, scatter related stone slabs, golden slabs and even diamond slabs. You can even get up to 750x multipliers if you spin it right. But free spins are the main bonuses and that’s something you can easily trigger and activate with your mere spins. So, let’s unpack the game of Gonzita’s Quest and get all the wonders it’s ready to share. 

Final Words

Gonzita’s Quest is the right slot to spin during this time and it’s quite fun and adventurous to fill up your boring gaps. So, let all the fun begin! 

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