Grand VIP Live is a VIP Blackjack game by Evolution gaming. This is one of the additions to the live games that Evolution Gaming provides for the users. As the company is famous for creating some of the best quality live casino games, the same is expected from this game as well. This is a VIP game which means that it is designed especially for the high rollers. The players will be able to access this version of Blackjack on their mobiles and tablets for easier access at any time and anywhere.

Grand Wins At Grand VIP Live

Grand VIP Live takes place in a studio in Latvia and the players get a premium looking maroon coloured Blackjack table with seven places for the players to place their bets. The coins are available at the bottom of the screen and the player can choose from them. The dealers are well spoken and friendly and will answer all the queries of the players. Major rules are written directly on the table and the rest can be seen from the info section of the game.
The video quality is HD but the player have been given an option to adjust it depending on their internet connection. The players will also be able to chat with the dealer and adjust the sound settings. The game is played with 8 decks and is really easy to understand.

Gameplay and Betting

Grand VIP Live gameplay is easy to understand and can be understood by even the beginners. There are a few rules that the players should know. The dealer stands at 17 and must draw till 16. The players can buy insurance if the face-up card of the dealer is an Ace. The insurance will pay 2:1. Blackjack pays 3:2 and the regular wins pay 1:1.
Side bets can also be placed along with the regular bets The players can also split their cards once per game. There is also an option to double the bet after looking at the cards. The betting ranges from £500 – £5000.

To Sum Up

As the name suggests, Grand VIP Live is actually pretty grand in its bet limits and offerings. The side bets and the premium quality video streaming makes this game really enjoyable for the players. The high betting makes the game suitable for VIPs and various settings can give the players a customized live gaming experience. So all the players who are looking for a good game of VIP Blackjack should definitely try Grand VIP once.

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