A slot game is waiting for you to turn your reel upside down and its name is Granny VS Zombies. Here, granny rules the slot system and you have to help her with the process of killing the zombies from her backyard. She is alone but tough. She is old but young in her mind. Join Granny with her confidence army and fight off in Granny VS Zombies. 

About Granny VS Zombies

Granny VS Zombies is infested with creepy zombies and it’s your duty to destroy them and help granny with the same. The game is built by Pear Fiction Studios and they have done a great job in maintaining it as a supreme slot play. There is nothing old fashioned here to make the game boring. It’s just you and the granny who will be here to play. All you have to do here is spin the dice and make her happy with the throws. So, do this neatly so that the zombies are destroyed thoroughly. 

Symbols and Icons of Granny VS Zombies

Well, you get quite a lot of zombie surprises from the slot game of Granny VS Zombies. Mainly, you have two sets of symbols. The low paying ones and the high paying ones. The lows are of course the playing cards of A to Js. They won’t do anything bad. The high icons are zombies in four sets of colors and the grandma as well. You get a lot of other high paying wilds, scatters and bonus-special symbols as well. So, peek a boo on everything and don’t miss anything. 

The prizes of Granny VS Zombies are more interesting than the symbols. These start from wilds and end with wilds. These wilds come in a huge variety and they can make a ton of fun as well. There are free spins, other special bonus rewards as well. So, get inside here and have a look at them at a single glance to know the massiveness of the game. 

Ending Score

Granny VS Zombies is now open for the gamers. Tackle each level with your fun and confidence and roll out the play at your own pace. Peace from the ultimate slot of Granny VS Zombies! 

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