Great Rhino Roulette Live is a Pragmatic Play online roulette game with a difference. Apart from being a live action online casino roulette game, it is also a hybrid roulette game. There is a unique blend of traditional single “0” roulette gaming with a typical online video slot game. This type of roulette has never been seen in the world of online Roulette. It is sure to meet the increasing demands of both online roulette and video slot players. Read on to learn more about this hybrid online casino roulette.

Great Rhino Roulette Live Offers A Highly Interactive Interface

What makes Great Rhino Roulette Live a must-play online casino roulette game is its highly interactive interface. Players have a live chat option which can be utilised while a gaming session is on hand. The live chat is available on a 24/7 timeline and all enquiries can be made through this option. Players can also get to know how they are performing as there are game statistics available.

These statistics are presented in terms of percentages and charts. There is an advanced setting option where players can customize the gaming layout to suit their preference. If the live chat is a distraction, then players can go to the help section where they can view in detail, the gaming rules, process for betting and also the payouts. This dynamic online roulette also offers players a chance to double their winnings (more on this below).


Great Rhino Roulette Live is an online roulette game that is played out on a table with one zero (“0”). The betting process, as well as payout odds in play, are similar to a regular European style online roulette game. Players can make both Inside and Outside bets. They can also make additional side bets of as many as seven. Each of the seven side bets placed will be in direct relation with the symbols of Great Rhino online video slot.

Players can have access to the side bets which are placed below the game’s roulette wheel. In addition, players can make use of the dual betting process available in this game. They can place bets on the video slot and on the roulette table simultaneously.

Double Your Winnings

Bets are placed when chosen chips are placed directly on any of the video slot symbols and on the online roulette table. Players will now have a chance to double their respective winnings as they can win both the roulette and video slot wager. In Great Rhino Roulette Live, the payouts for both the video slot and roulette games are separate. Players have the chance of earning a stake multiplier of 80x for video slot bets on the Rhino icon.

To Sum Up

The double-winning opportunity of Great Rhino Roulette Live is a real advantage to players. Even if a roulette bet is unsuccessful it does not affect a video slot bet and vice-versa. This is a great hybrid online roulette game that everyone should try out.

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