This 5-reel, 200-coin slot game offers 20 paylines, a bonus game, a gambling feature and a super mode to each player who wishes to get that winning string on the selected paylines.

How to Play

Clicking on lines, a player chooses the amount of paylines for the game.
Clicking down and up keys, the player chooses the coin size for the game.
Clicking coins fields, the player adjusts the bet amount.
Clicking the max bet key, the player sets the bet amount to maximum automatically.
Clicking the spin key, the player starts the game and spins the reels.
Win box shows the amount won.
The winning string is highlighted across the reels.
Two modes are available, regular and expert. The expert mode has two more features than the regular one, the autoplay key and the spinx5/10 keys. The purpose of these keys is to adjust the set of games to be played automatically for as many times as a player wishes, in case of the autoplay, or for 5/10 times, in case of the spinx5/10.



This symbol is a wild one, in that it is used to replace all others, but for the scattered one. It is also a multiplier, as it doubles the winning of the string where it is used as a replacement. When there are several of them across the payline, then they can form the winning string, but this time the winning is not multiplied.
Right hand of doom
This symbol is a scattered one, in that it can appear anywhere on the reels and still form the winning string, provided there are at least two of them. In case there are 3+, an additional feature, called underworld, is triggered. This is the only symbol that a wild one cannot replace.


When there are 3+ symbols of the right hand of doom scattered across the reels, this feature is triggered. The player then gets a chance to win as many as 33 600 coins, by uncovering bonus amounts that are hidden randomly behind five doors, found in a tunnel. There are 4 tunnels in total. The player needs to find the relic of power. If a player uncovers the blocked symbol, then he loses a game. If he finds bonus amount, he gets a chance to select again. If he finds the bonus amount+ the symbol of win all, then he receives all the bonus amounts hidden and continues towards the next level. If all four tunnels are finished with flying colours, then the player needs to uncover the relic of power by shooting the crystal in the fire chamber. This will bring in additional bonus amount.
The winnings during the bonus game consist of all the amounts uncovered.
While a player is using the super mode, he cannot start this feature.
In case both super mode and this feature are triggered at the same time, then this feature has an advantage.

Super Mode

Activated randomly, this feature awards a player 10 free spins, except when the player is in the underworld, as it cannot be triggered there. A player cannot restart this feature, while he is using free spins.
While a player is using this feature, there can be 3 wild symbols at most across the reels. They are then held in the position throughout the super mode.
The betting and payline rules are identical to the ones that apply to the spin that started this feature.


To gamble the wins, the player has to use the gamble button and choose either the colour or the suit. The colour will double his winnings, whereas the suit will quadruple them. He can gamble his winnings five times in a row at most for one game. This feature is optional and is activated with any winning.

Game Rules

A player can bet no more than 10 coins on each payline.
A player receives only the highest amount from each payline. This rule does not apply to the scattered winnings.
Scattered winnings together with the bonus ones are combined with the regular winnings.
All symbols pay left-right on the payline. This rule does not apply to the scattered winnings.
How much a player wins for every string is shown on the paytable. The amount won is directly linked to the amount staked.
Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount staked on each payline, whereas the scattered winnings are determined by multiplying the symbol type with the bet staked as the regular bet.
The entire amount of coins that is won is multiplied with the size of credits that a player has chosen in order to determine the amount of credits, i.e. Coin amount x Size of the Coins=Credits.

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