Irish Eyes 2 SCRATCH

Scratch cards are known by everyone. But there is another type. It is an online scratch card. This one is the Irish Eyes 2 Scratch card. Online scratch cards hold valuable prizes that are hidden in the boxes behind the silver that coat the boxes. This coating needs to be taken off. The way to do this is to use the mouse from the computer and remove this silver coating.

In this particular scratch card, the item that is being looked for is a pot symbol. This may allow the player to win and double all prizes. In this scratch card game there are two handy features that can be used. One is the Reveal All button and the other is one, which says auto play. Of course there is another way that the scratch card can be played and that is just like a regular scratch card. One symbol on the card can be removed at a time just like a regular scratch card. The mouse allows the hidden symbols to be removed from the card one at a time.

Pressing the play button begins the game. Then the bet needs to be placed. The player’s bet can be raised or decreased just by pressing the up or down arrows on the computer.

On the scratch card there is another feature also. It is the auto play feature. It is a shortcut that can be used to let a chosen number of games be played in a row without stopping in between games to have to reset the wager. But the stop button can be used to discontinue the auto play feature whenever the player wishes to. Irish Eyes can have the maximum wager placed and then the player is able to win the maximum payout with every round that is played. Payouts are multiples of whatever the wager that was set.

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