Irish Eyes


Irish eyes’ main goal is to have a player get that lucky sequence of symbols that will get him the winning. The sequence is played on up to 25 lines that a player has already selected. Equipped with the extra features, bonus and free games, this five reel slot game can reel in some real money, as the guaranteed return per player is 95.13% on average.

How to Play

Using down and up buttons a player can adjust his desired bet and number of lines that he wants to play. If he wants to se them on maximum, there is a max key used for both of these fields. There is also a third option for selecting how many liens he wants to play and that is through line tag, found next to the reels.
Explanations about the game and awards that a player can receive once he has the right sequence are presented in the info.
The reels get spun using the spin button.
Automated plays in the normal game mode for a predefined number of spins are set using the autoplay button. A player can play up to 500 consecutive plays without having to interact with the software thanks to this button.
Below are the fields, used by the game to show the session details:
balance, represents the sum at player’s disposal
lines, represents the number of lines that a player can play
bet, represents the wager that a player stakes at each line
win, the sum that a player has received per spin and
total bet, which is the entire sum that a player has staked. This sum corresponds to the bet size, which is multiplied with the number of lines.
All games and winnings will be stopped if there are some technical issues.


Free Games

If there are at least three symbols of scattered lady, then a player gets the chance to activate this feature, under the condition that the symbols are shown from the left side. When activated, this feature will enable a player to play twelve games for free, and in each game the prizes won will be multiplied by three.
This feature can be restarted more than once, with the same lines and bet as in the game that is considered triggering.


This feature enables a player to bet his winnings. This is done by choosing the right colour or suit. The colour will double the money, whereas the suit will bring in four times as much, provided that the choice was correct. The player cannot gamble the jackpot winnings.
This feature can be used for five times maximum.

Select and win

If there is a symbol of leprechaun on the first and fifth reels consecutively, then a player can activate the feature that will allow him to select a triggering symbol, which will allow him to see a prize he has won.
A player can select it one more time and he can be given a prize again for it.
The best thing about this feature is that it allows a player to increase his winnings one hundred times more from the bet he started with in the triggering game.

Game Rules

The only win that does not have to appear on the lines a player has selected and that cannot be replaced by a symbol of leprechaun is the scattered lady.
1 to 25 lines can be played.
The paytable is used to calculate payouts.
The amount wagered per payline multiplies payline wins.
The total wagered amount is used to multiply scatter wins.
The sum accrued through scatter wins gets carried over onto payline wins.
Only the highest win is used for all the paylines that a player has selected.
Achieved concurrent wins across different paylines are summed up.
The valid direction for all of the symbols is left to right. There is no exception to this rule.

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