Jade Shuriken is not like ordinary Japanese slot games and this one has one neon backup too. So, if you are into neons and some Shuriken spins, then this is the game for you and for your hands. 

Made by SlingShot Studios, this is the game to spin for getting the maximum reward output with very less spins and sweaty breaks. Once you get the picture of the game, everything will be quite easy. 

A Bionote on Jade Shuriken

Jade Shuriken is known for its super flashy layout and colorful spins. But the real game begins with the activation of bonuses and other respin bonus features which are embedded to the symbols. To know all this, you need to study the layout first and then go to the feature section. So, what all are there in the layout? The first thing to pop open your eyes will be the neon colors of the game and the logo of Jade Shuriken. The symbols are placed in between all this. The game has some superb animations as well as some beating music. While coming to the symbols and icons, you don’t get to see any Shuriken symbols, but there will be some teapots, fans, a bell and some kind of a japanese instrument. The highs will be the number 7 in three different colors. Beneath all, there will be the bet option button as well as the spin button. This is where all the action begins. Apart from this there will be lots of supporting features to make the play a bit more user-friendly. So, let’s plunge straight into it. Before plunging, we need to make a note of the bonuses as well. So, these will begin with wilds, scatters, free spins and end with epic strike features and respins. Here, how slow you spin, the win will be definite. So, there is no need to take any extra precaution while spinning the Japanese Jade Shuriken. 

In addition to all this, Jade Shuriken is also a mobile slot and where you don’t have to restrict your play to a huge pc screen or a laptop. So, with all these compatibility, enjoy spinning Jade Shuriken and its beyblades.

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