Don’t you worry about Kiss My Chainsaw’s theme because it’s a fairly well made slot game with the right ingredients. With this slot game, either two things can happen. Either you will become a pro spinner by the end of it or else you will feel scared by the massive sheer of the slot. So, see what you really are by spinning the game of Kiss My Chainsaw. 

Enter Kiss My Chainsaw

You can enter the online slot game of Kiss My Chainsaw in whichever way you like. The game gives out a lot of bonuses and spinning features right from the start of the game. What the gamers see from this point onwards will be the sketchy wall of some pub painted with spray cans and colors. From this point onwards, it will be a super exciting game drenched in suspense as well as a bit of horror. The game never stops to give you the right fun and amusement. Now, when you talk with the symbols, they are also something different and not your same old A to J playing cards for the lows. The lows here will be some key icons, cameras, backpack symbols, lighter symbols and toolboxes and license plates. Now while going up towards the high, there will be the route 66 icons, some girl characters as well as chainsaw Larry with his chainsaw. In addition to this, the players can also witness their wilds and scatters with this very same bunch. All these iconic icons can be easily studied with some minimal spins. Do it and get all the rewards in your backpack! So, while narrating regarding the bonuses, they are much more powerfully packed than you think. There are some high powered free spins here, bonus buys, avalanche functions, wild-scatters and even multipliers for rocking your gaming chair. If you can learn the icons one by one, you can get enough of all the bonuses one after another. So, ready for some action with the chainsaw that you got from chainsaw Larry? 


Kiss My Chainsaw is now ready for some woodcutting as well as for other jobs. Do spin it cautiously because you’re playing with a chainsaw. 

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