By this time, Evolution Gaming does not need any introduction. They have developed more games than most people have had hot showers and are known to be among the most innovative in their market segment.

One of their latest efforts is Live Blackjack A, which seeks to make the classic game much more easily available to all and sundry. Read up on it below.

All About Live Blackjack A

Live Blackjack A is an improvement of the classic and much-loved game that is aimed at making it much easier to play. It features a blackjack table that has bucket loads of eye-candy lavished on it and there are lots of gameplay options that are intuitively accessible.

This live blackjack game while ostensibly meant for all appears really aimed at the pros, as it enables speedier placing of bets and faster gameplay.

Try Live Blackjack A today!

This Evolution Gaming product can be fully accessed on both mobile and PC. Presiding over the gameplay are live dealers, who are quite helpful and accommodating. These dealers apart from being dressed to kill are also proficient in multiple languages, so as to better cater to the disparate needs of players from all over the globe.

There is as well a live chat option available. This option lets players chat with each other and the dealer too. Using this option the dealer can explain obscure gameplay matters to confused or inexperienced players.

As is to be expected, the Bet Behind option is fully supported in Live Blackjack A. This option effectively lets other players line up behind any particular player enjoying a run of fortune and gives players without a seat at the blackjack table the opportunity of laying bets.

There is a very user-friendly interface available, which enhances the placing of bets, apart from making the game more enjoyable. Side bet and pre-decision options are also provided.

Rules Of Live Blackjack A

The rules in place in this Evolution Gaming product are essentially identical to any other standard blackjack game. Thus, players are required to get hands that have a value of 21, or as near that as possible.

The hand that the player holds must also be more valuable than that held by the dealer. Both 21+3 side bets and perfect pairs are supported here.

Also featured is a totally optional Insurance side bet. This is to be used when players judge that the dealer is about to get a blackjack hand.

Final Thoughts

Live Blackjack A is a heavyweight game that delivers heavy duty fun and action! It must be tried at least once.

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