Louisiana double poker


As a poker game with 53 cards, Louisiana double poker contains a double card and a double feature. The player can earn as much as 2500 coins. The rules that apply during this poker game are identical to the video poker rules. The player needs to win the poker game, by having the hand that beats all the others.

How to Play

Down and up buttons are used to adjust the size of the coins.
The paytable is used to set the bet amount.
Deal button is pressed and the player receives 5 cards, each face-up.
The player then chooses the cards to be held, by clicking on the card.
Draw button replaces the cards that are not held.
The winnings are highlighted across the paytable.
If the player has won, he can choose to double his winnings, using the double feature, or to collect the winnings, in which case the game ends and the payout is shown in the win field.
The numbers on the paytable display how much a player has won in coins per winning combo. The amount of credits won is directly linked to the size of the coins used in the game.
The ranking of the hands start with the jacks, two pairs and three of a kind, that are at the lower scale, then continues to straight, flush and full house, that are in the middle part of the scale and finished with the most valuable hands, i.e. four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush.
If there is a double card in a hand, then the winnings are increase by 200%.


Double card

Though not wild, this card can bring a double winning, provided that it is found in the winning hand. This is done automatically. And it cannot be turned off.

Double feature

This feature is used if a player wishes to double his winnings. All he has to do is draw a card that will be more valuable than the dealer’s card. The player can continue using this feature till he loses, or till the limit is reached.

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