Nobody can complain about the slot game of Leprechaun’s Lucky Charm. It’s not like any of those Irish themed slot games that will bore you out with the same spinning tactics and play centrals. Here, everything is refreshed twice for more fun and once you fall precisely over the game, the whole central fun will be yours only. So, Leprechaun’s Lucky Charm is nice and sunny for you, come and get it! 

The Sunny Game of Leprechaun’s Lucky Charm

Like I said, no one can complain about the game of Leprechaun’s Lucky Charm. It’s a well made slot game with the right set of symbols and features and the more you get accustomed with these, the more winning it will share with you. There are a lot of greenish wondrous things here in the layout of the game and that’s what makes the game interesting to the core. Leprechaun’s Lucky Charm has some vibrant animations as well. You can get the whole bundled fun of the slot within the first few minutes. The symbols here are also quite quirky and fascinating with all their cartoon like qualities. So, they begin with A-J low powered soft symbols and eventually come to the beer glasses, violins, pipes and the leprechaun himself. There will be wilds as well as some extra magic too. You won’t face any complicated turns anywhere in these areas and the only job that you will get will be to spin these one by one to make combinations. In between these spins, the animations will give you a push to roll more. That’s a speciality of Leprechaun’s Lucky Charm. 

Now to the Bonuses

Leprechaun’s Lucky Charm bonuses are packed with Bonus features and more Irish qualities. So, it begins with rainbow wilds, rolling reels and some random trigger bonuses as well. There will be spin based multipliers too and some leprechaun tamed spins too. For all these to get active, you need to learn the basics of spinning. Learning these is not at all complicated and sparing some time will do it. So, start learning all these in a systematic manner and form a beauty reel here at Leprechaun’s Lucky Charm to get all the pots of gold.

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