Magic 500 is a real magical slot. The game is known for its slot layouts and colourful symbols and payout features. Nothing here stands out as something extraordinary or complicated. Everything is minimal and up to the mark. It’s a slot about magic and magic shows. 

About Magic 500

The Slot Magic 500 is perfect for a magical gameplay. It’s a well-constructed slot with the right amount of features. Nothing here is complicated as well as loosely designed. The slot is made up of cartoon themed symbols and patterns making the whole setting magical as well as wonderful. The theme sound also is a bit magical transforming the slot into a fun, magical ride of features and winnings. The slot stands for a magic show with a lot of crowds and the spinning happens in front. 


Here the symbols consist of colourful characters as well as numerals including 10 and 9. The bonus symbol shows a bonus art magic hat will be the wild symbol. A lady in her magic dress addresses the players from the left. Players can expect different basic symbols here including playing card symbols, a white dove, a magician and more. 


Free-spins is the primary feature here and it can boost up to 12 per spin. Look out for the magic hat symbol and it can award plenty free spins in one go. In addition to this, there’s a wild symbol too and this symbol counts as any basic symbol if needed. These free spins can be spiced up with different special features including extra free spins, mystery cash prizes, win multipliers, random wilds, and extra cascades. The only lack here in the game is the absence of bonus rounds and features. The progressive jackpot can be considered as the bonus round but it won’t suffice the realness of the real bonus reward. 


There are certain problems in the name of features here. Everybody cannot comprehend what the game is really for. Apart from the feature table and its multiple bonuses, it’s a good go for all slot enthusiasts out there.  

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