When it comes to slot games these days, they provide basically everything that you need to roll and win. But not all slot games give you the real juice of fun and adventure. But Magic Piggy is all about this fun and adventure. You only have to spin up the reels and make up your own juice. So, ready for the fun of Magic Piggy? 

Fun-tastic way of Spinning Magic Piggy

If you are looking for magic here, then you won’t find any. Magic Piggy is a magic less slot game with a lot of price worthy gold coins and random triggers. Technically speaking, you would see a blue layout filled with colors and cherries roaming here and there. What’s special here will be the piggy bonuses that you will see in a moment. Even if you are not a constant spinner, you can get pretty much anything from this slot game. That’s why it’s best to spin everything at its own pace. So, mark up your layouts and start the rolls. 

Symbolic Piggies of Magic Piggy

When it comes to the symbols of Magic Piggy, they are not that extraordinary and precious, but they really can make you happy by creating wins after wins. For this to happen, you need to spin the game a couple of times to know how everything works. So, the icon set begins with A to J icons which are low paying ones in this whole set. The high icons will be cherries, plums, lemons, diamond icons and horseshoe icons. If you want more from this game, you might have to trigger the bonus icons. So, try that also. 

Bonuses and Wins of Magic Piggy

There are wilds here but the main bonuses will be the big pig bonus free spins and the bonus buys features. If the hat symbol lands and triggers with your daily spins, the win will catch a hold and will make a lot more than 500x. In addition to this, there will be free spins as well as your usual wilds too. So, let there be some light for you to spin and win here. Without light, nothing can happen at the slot of Magic Piggy.

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