You might have rolled other sea based online slot plays but you won’t have rolled Mega Don and its sharkies. This is a sea based online slot game with some pretty heavy bonus sections which you should have a look at. Once you get to the reel house, then it will be a massive fishing game with some sharks as well. So, right onto the game! 

The Specs of Mega Don

Right out of the box, the players can see a deep blue ocean and ripple effects with some mediocre refresh rates. The color schemes here are perfect and they don’t make your eyes swell up. The contrast between light and aqua blue is something different for a slot game and everything is perfect in terms of the animations. While coming to the symbols of Mega Don, they are all placed inside a frameless layout right over the sea. They all have the very same color and efficiency throughout the play. So, there will be both low and high icons and the low icons will be mostly fishes and small fishes. The highs are the sharks. The fish icons consist of blue, green, blue-green fishes as well as a shrimp. When it comes to the sharks, they will be  blue shark, gold shark and green one. The Mega Don will be the high giving symbol of this game, so make a note of it. While spinning all these, etch in your mind that this is a shark based slot game and not a cute-fish game. So, give all your concentration here on the reels for a better match. 

In terms of the features, there will be two. Snack time feature as well as shark feast feature. Once you get the scatters and have them spin for combos, you will start receiving free spins. Fish symbols trigger the snack time feature and it can transform and upscale the lower symbols to higher. 

Closing Time

Hope you can enjoy the slot of Mega Don and its symbol spins. There is nothing to get scared here and once you get the hang of these icons and their spins, everything will be a massive play and win. 

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