The game of Money Mines is somewhat special and has some superb gradient hues coming from inside the tunnel. If you are bored by seeing the same old scary mining tunnels again and again, then Money Mines will break your jaws by making you go flabbergasted. So, push all your chores aside and be ready to spin and tumble Money Mines for a better day.

The Money Mines Rails

What you can see here is a mine filled with magical cenote kind of a setup with some great color. This is the central arena of Money Mines. This is where all the spinning happens. On both the sides, cliffs and mining rocks can be seen hanging. At the bottom, a gold and wood trimmed mining cart which is empty can also be seen. If you are someone who loves animations and a bit of extra colors, then Money Mines can be fully depended without zero hesitation. So, aren’t you ready to roll Money Mines and the gold chunks? But keep in mind that, if you need to spin and win from the slot, you need to know some basic strategies. So, these will be first knowing the values of the icons. They consist of four miner symbols and the highs will be the number seven. The lower icons are made with different personality miners so that you can find them quite easily. Since the highs are just numbers, not much mapping is needed here. In addition to all these, there will be scatters as well as wild icons also. So, keeping all this in mind, you can easily win Money Mines and its gold coin levels. There won’t be any shortages of bonuses here at this slot game. You can get from basic wilds to 2000x firepot jackpot-like bonuses with the symbol falls. If you observe and play wisely, you can get everything from these bonus layers. There is also a bonus wheel feature that can uplift the entire reward portfolio. So, just come here and try to spin the mine reels without much practice. Only a straight and un-tired mind can play and win everything from Money Mines. That’s the catch here. 

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