Monopoly Big Spin is a fun-filled slot with various funky features. It’s a slot made up of mystical nuances and adventure turns. Even though the game has no progressive jackpots, there are two high pay-out bonuses to win from. We can say that the Gnomes are arriving and it’s about to get massive. 


Monopoly Big Spin is a mixture of systematic slot movements and high-end reward functions. It’s more of an adventure mixed slot play with mysterious gnomes and dragons. Even though it’s an adventure-themed slot, it’s more powerful than the usual. The setting of the slot is also perfect in all sense. In the background, there is this huge utopian styled setting with castles and gnomes. A fortress can also be seen with a river flowing in front. The game’s background music is also perfect like movie scores. Every such tiny feature makes the slot a pristine one. 


The symbols of the Monopoly Big Spin are as pretty as it sounds. They are divided into multiplier categories. Various familiar symbols appear around the wheel, such as the Utilities, Railroad, and Free Parking icons. Other sections of the wheel come in shades of brown, red, blue, and more, to match the colors of Monopoly streets. In addition to this, the Wheel is split into 14 segments, one for each property colour, chance, community chest, utilities, go and free parking. Landing on a property or set of utilities pays a fixed amount while in the base game. 


Free Spins. Ah! Classic. It’s triggered with the symbols landing on the GO area. Players receive a 40 to 1 pay plus one extra spin of the main Wheel. In addition to this, the 14 zones of the slot represent different segments of the wheel, 8 referring to property colors, and the rest to the bonus segments. 

Bonus Features

Bonus is more like a minimal one here. When a bonus wheel spin is awarded, it guarantees a win either, though, with other prizes to claim. Players will proceed to the bonus wheel, consisting of 10 segments, each one displaying a fixed multiplier value from 5x to 200x. 


Nothing complicated is here in this slot. This is a perfect slot for entertainment and rewards. There are no complications here. It’s just a perfect slot. 

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